Security Compliance Simplified.

Aberrant’s loosely coupled service neutral approach to managing security and privacy compliance scales better than any other solution in market.

ISM-P For Service Providers

Important Features

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Aberrant’s information security management platform (ISM-P) is the only platform explicitly designed to support MSPs. Aberrant enables you to manage and engage with your clients directly from the platform.


Manage customers from one place

Aberrant is the ONLY solution in the market that offers a portal that allows you to manage your customers. Aberrant’s ISM-P is a service neutral approach to cybersecurity that enables you to leverage your existing policies and procedures as the source of truth for your security program. Aberrant is designed to complement your existing security stack and can integrate with existing systems of record.


Automate and streamline customer onboarding and operations

Incorporate digital workflow into your customer management process. Automate tasks and centralize evidence collection for your clients. Aberrant’s ISM-P provides a platform that allows you to help your customers shift left in their security practices.


Digitize assets and reduce the time it takes to onboard clients

Aberrant allows you to manage templated control standards that you can distribute to clients. The system supports pre-linking security standards to documentation as well as actions. When you onboard a customer you can generate an Aberrant portal for them, export linked controls, documentation, and actions all with the simple click of a button. The customer then determines what isn’t in scope and modifies the ISM documentation to fit their use case. Using this method the process of onboarding a customer is reduced from months to weeks.


Support for integration into your companies tech stack

Begin automating tasks for customers using your existing tech stack. We support rich integration through a developer-friendly interface. Our unopinionated architecture is designed to make it easy to integrate with pre-existing systems or custom code. Aberrant ISM-P supports any number of different automation scenarios:

Invoke an API from a recurring action to retrieve workstations from your XDR in a parable report.

Execute a PowerShell script to pull user CNs from a specific OU in Active Directory into a JSON file.

ETL evidence from an SFTP site.


Generate new revenue opportunities through remote engagement with your customers.

Aberrant’s ISM-P provides your company with new ways to engage with customers and add value. Aberrant’s ISM-P enables remote workers to perform:

Operational tasks for customers through the platform.

Spot checks of the quality of evidence collection.

Third party of auditing and gap assessments.

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