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Aberrant gets you up and running quickly. Our service-neutral approach supports any security standard or privacy framework - turning your policies and procedures into the source of truth for your security program. All while scaling better with your company and without creating vendor lock-in.


What Makes Us Different?


Like an ERP, but for security

Aberrant’s Information Security Management Platform (ISM-P) is designed to be a system of record for your cybersecurity program--similar in a way to how an ERP is your system of record for accounting.


Support for MSPs

Using Aberrant’s ISM-P allows MSPs to manage templated documentation, generate portals for clients, and manage work digitally. Aberrant is the only platform that has dedicated support for MSPs.


By developer, for developers

Some systems try to be everything. Aberrant takes the opposite approach. We’re only opinionated about ISM documentation. Our platform is designed to integrate and play nicely with other systems

Our Products

Everything you'll need to start and operate your own security program



Templatized security management documentation that gets you started with building out your company’s security policies and procedures. The Open-ISM has been vetted by auditors and will literally save you months of effort.


Aberrant’s information security management platform (ISM-P) is designed to link your information security and privacy documentation to controls and automation. Aberrant turns your policies and procedures into a system of record that allows you to manage work and centralize evidence collection.

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